Rail Clarion Blue Fototec Lens ExampleRail Clarion Blue Fototec Lens Example

Always the Right Light

Fototec COllection

Fototec lenses adapt to your lighting conditions, starting as a light tint and darkening in sunlight as photochromic particles activate.

Sledge Lite Matte Black Fototec Hero
Clarion Blue Fototec Lens Example

New Arrival

Clarion Blue Fototec

Our newest photochromic lens transitions from a pleasing light grey tint to a dark grey with blue mirror. It features a moisture repelling coat and the Tifosi-signature shatterproof polycarbonate material.

smoke fototec lens chart
light night fototec lens chart
clarion red fototec lens chart
clarion blue fototec lens chart
smoke polarized fototec lens chart