Enliven Golf

Just as you can turn down the volume on your music player, wearing sunglasses turns down the brightness of your environment, but your music player doesn’t stop there! It allows you to adjust the bass and treble of what you hear to a more pleasing level. Imagine if your sunglasses could do that with what you see!

Enliven™ lenses do just that! Color Capture technology fine tunes the wavelengths of light that matter most; making greens, blues, and reds pop with definition. Enliven™ Golf is specifically designed to read terrain and track your ball against the greens and a blue sky.

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Enliven Polarized

There are two Enliven Polarized lenses available. Enliven On-Shore is designed for fishing on lakes and rivers. It filters green light to enhance contrast and blocks glare to assist in seeing targets where there is reflection of green light from grass or water. A green mirror is added to reflect glare so that contrast and visual acuity is enhanced.

Enliven Off-Shore is designed for fishing on the ocean. It filters out the high energy blue light to protect your eyes and avoid eyestrain, providing hours of wearing comfort. It enhances color separation and blocks glare on the ocean surface to allow for better visibility of targets under the water. A blue mirror is added to the lens to reflect strong blue light, glare and enhance contrast and visual acuity.