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Prescription from your eyecare professional.  PD is a requirement that needs to be submitted on your prescription.  If you are ordering a progressive RX please ensure your ADD power is included on your written prescription.

Pick your frame and the options that come up as you go through the process, at the end you will be asked to upload your RX from your eyecare professional.  Please ensure the PD is on the prescription before upload.  Upload, pay and your prescription order will be processed.

Polycarbonate lenses are a shatterproof, scratch-resistant material therefore an excellent choice for a sports wearer.

AR stands for anti-reflective coating. It is a coating that is applied to the surface of the lens. AR coating is designed to cut down glare off objects/surfaces and allows more light through to your eyes. AR also repels oil and smudges as well as moisture and water. AR coating is included to mirror options

Digital surface is the newest process in prescription lenses manufacturing that optimizes the optical clarity, edge to edge clarity and minimizes distortion. A digital surface is especially important for stronger prescriptions to provide better and more improved optics. Non digital lenses are made by an abrasive grinding process and does not optimize the optical clarity as a digital lens.

PD stands for pupil distance. Visit and ask your current eyecare provider for your PD distance. Tifosi cannot fill a RX prescription order without PD.

Yes, Tifosi does offer Progressive as well as Single Vision.

Yes, Tifosi offers Clear to Smoke. Our lens changing technology is called Fototec.

3 weeks from the time Tifosi has all pertinent information to make your custom RX glasses.