Dolomite 2.0 Black/White Fototec sunglass
Dolomite 2.0 Water Repelling vented sunglasses
Dolomite Matte Black Smoke Bright Blue sunglass
Dolomite 2.0 Gloss Black Smoke Polarized Sunglass
Dolomite 2.0 Black full frame sport sunglasses
Dolomite 2.0 gunmetal fototec sunglass
Dolomite 2.0 Gunmetal Orange Lens
Dolomite 2.0 full frame uv protection sunglasses
Dolomite 2.0 Gunmetal Green Lens
Dolomite 2.0 mountain biking full frame sunglasses
Dolomite 2.0 full frame uv sunglasses
Dolomite 2.0 Polarized black full frame sunglasses
Dolomite 2.0 Matte Black Clarion Red sunglass
Dolomite 2.0 Matte Black Green Lens
Dolomite 2.0 Matte Black Clarion Blue sunglass
Dolomite 2.0 Matte Black Polarized sunglass frame
Dolomite 2.0 Black/White Fototec Sunglass Front
Dolomite 2.0 Matte Black Interchange Front
Dolomite 2.0 Interchange lenses
Dolomite 2.0 Crystal Smoke Clarion sunglass Front
Dolomite 2.0 Crystal Smoke Back Detail
Dolomite 2.0 Matte Black polarized sunglass sit
Dolomite 2.0 Matte Black Interchange sunglass
Female Dolomite 2.0 Matte Black Interchange sunglass
Male Dolomite 2.0 Matte Black Polarized sunglass
Female Dolomite 2.0 Fototec sunglass
Male Dolomite 2.0 fototec sunglass
Dolomite 2.0 Black/White Fototec Sit
Fototec Light Night Dolomite 2.0 Lens example
dolomite 2.0 matte black interchange
Dolomite 2.0 Black/White Fototec sunglass
Dolomite 2.0 Black/White Fototec Lenses

Dolomite 2.0

Sale price$69.95
Model Selected:Black / White Fototec Low-Bridge

Dolomite 2.0 is a sleek and stylish full-frame that provides full coverage and protection. With frames that are designed to beat the heat and provide comfortable all-day wear for any sport or activity, its lenses eliminate distortion and unwanted magnification.

Whether you're cycling, running, or dominating the pickleball court, having the right gear is essential for peak performance. When it comes to eyewear, Dolomite 2.0 steps up to the plate, ensuring you have the coverage you need for your sport.

Dolomite 2.0, the perfect pair of endurance sunglasses for cycling, running, and triathlon enthusiasts. Crafted with a Grilamid TR-90 frame, it strikes the ideal balance between lightweight comfort and incredible durability, ensuring you don't have to compromise style for function. With Dolomite, these cycling and running shades are set to become your new favorite accessory.

Designed For Endurance Athletes
Dolomite 2.0 is designed for endurance athletes who demand sport sunglasses that can keep up with their active lifestyle. Whether running, cycling, competing in a triathlon or hitting the ball on a pickleball court, Dolomite 2.0 provides the necessary protection and support to push your limits.

Ultra Lightweight Grilamid TR-90 Frame
The high-quality Grilamid TR-90 frame at only 26 grams is a thermoplastic material combining flexibility with durability, making it the perfect choice for cycling, running, or triathlon enthusiasts. Dolomite 2.0 withstands impact and lasts for years to come.

Hydrophilic Rubber Nose And Ear Pieces
Dolomite 2.0's adjustable nose and earpieces, made with hydrophilic rubber, increase grip as you sweat. Whether cycling on winding roads, running challenging trails, or competing in a triathlon, Dolomite 2.0 stays in place during intense workouts.

Polycarbonate Lenses
Our lenses, crafted from polycarbonate, boast shatterproof and impact-resistant properties. Vented to prevent fogging, ensuring clear vision during your activities.

Protection And Style In One
Dolomite 2.0 not only offers necessary protection for active pursuits but also comes in a stylish design that sets you apart from the crowd.

  • LENS TECHNOLOGY ➤ Vented lenses to prevent fogging offer UVA / UVB protection from harmful UV rays.
  • AVAILABLE LENS OPTIONS ➤ Interchangeable or Fototec
  • FRAME TECHNOLOGY ➤ Fully adjustable nose & ear pads, hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pads that increase grip the more you sweat.
  • IDEAL FOR ➤ Cycling 🚲, Road 🚴🏽, Gravel 🪨, MTB 🚵, Hiking 🥾, Running 👟, Tennis & Pickleball 🎾
  • FIT ➤ Medium – Large

At Tifosi, we believe every athlete deserves sport sunglasses to keep up with their active lifestyle. That's why we've designed Dolomite 2.0 to be the ultimate cycling and running sunglasses, providing the necessary protection and support to push your limits. Whether training or competing, Dolomite 2.0 is guaranteed to be your go-to accessory for any activity.

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dolomite 2.0 frame and lens tech diagram
Dolomite 2.0 Custom Fit Ear and Nose Pieces


Adjustable arm and nose pieces allow you to have a fit customized to your face shape. Hydrophilic rubber pads swell when wet, staying in place when you sweat.

Tifosi Case and Cleaning Bag


Protect your eyewear with the included hardshell case and clean your lenses with the microfiber cleaning bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
robert breit
2nd pair review

Great for Mt biking, going in and out of the trees, makes visibility very good. The first pair lasted but were lost. This set a replacement. I would purchase again.

Chris Dritz
Excellent Product

I started wearing Tifosi sunglasses in 2018. In 2022, It was finally that time for prescription riding glasses. I was happy to see that Tifosi offered them in a very similar style to what I had been wearing. They are outstanding, and I highly recommend them!

Nick P
Nice Fit and High Performance

Good fit that stays on during runs and walks. A little close to the cheek with my low nose bridge. Lenses keep damaging UV rays out!

Corey Ebbin

The Tifosi glasses have really helped my visual acuity on the pickleball court!! I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend them to anyone.

Gari Greenwald
Great glasses

I got hit by a pickleball & broke the frame. Tifosi replaced them for a small fee of $16. If u play outdoors I highly recommend the fototec. I play in FL & they r perfect. ☀️