striving to make our impact a positive one

At Tifosi, sustainability is top of mind. We believe what's best for you, and what's best for us, comes down to what's best for the planet. For that reason we continue to work to reduce the carbon footprint of the company and compensate for everything we cannot reduce.

Thrive Frames

Tifosi is rolling out a renewable bio-resin to all new frames. The Thrive Frame is plant-based, made from the natural oil of castor beans, which reduces the need of petroleum-based plastics. The castor plant can grow in harsh conditions so it does not take away land needed for most other crops. The new demand for the beans creates jobs and lessens the economic reliance on fossil fuels.

Carbon Neutral

Making eyewear has some amount of unavoidable impact on the environment. To offset this, since 2021 we have purchased credits that offset our carbon footprint; projects supported include land purchases for the Heartland Ranch Nature Preserve and the Southern Plains Land Trust.

Lifetime Eyewear

We design our eyewear to last, which means they remain in use longer than cheap frames that too often need to be thrown out and replaced. This is evident with our Lifetime Warranty against manufacture's defects. We offer a full range of small parts, allowing you to refresh arm pads, nose pads, and lenses. Reusing the frame saves you money and reduces the load on landfills.