Lens Changing Instructions and Care and Use for Tifosi Shield Models

Applies to Tifosi models: Podium, Podium XC, Rail, Rail Race, Rail XC, Slice, and Tsali

Slice lens change imageTo Remove a Lens:

  1. With the sunglass facing towards you, grip the lens with your thumb in front and index finger behind. With your opposite hand, grab the top of the sunglass arm and, with your thumb and index finger, gently pull the top pointed arm piece upwards and away from the lens.
  2. Pivot the sunglass arm down and away from the lens. Repeat for opposite arm.
  3. To remove the nose piece: With the back of the lens facing towards you, use your thumb and index finger to firmly grasp the lens. Using the thumb and index finger of your opposite hand, grip the bridge of the nose piece and gently twist laterally away from the lens until it releases.

To Install a Lens:

  1. Start by replacing the nose piece. Holding the lens firmly with one hand, use your opposite hand to guide the nose piece into the notch on the lens. Making sure the nose pads are oriented correctly, gently push the nose piece towards the notch in the lens until it snaps into place.
  2. Next, with the lens facing towards you, grip it with your thumb in front and your index finger behind. Holding the arm with your opposite hand, fit the bottom lens anchor into the bottom notch of the arm.
  3. Pivot the arm upwards until it snaps into place. Repeat for opposite arm.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Use the microfiber cleaning bag for storage and protection. If sunglasses are dirty, use the cleaning bag to wipe them. If needed, rinse with mild soap and warm water. We recommend regular cleaning and wiping to help maintain the lenses. Avoid the use of solvents, such as alcohol and acetone, and of aggressive cleaning chemicals, as these may impair the functionality of the sunglasses.

Storage: TIFOSI sunglasses should be kept in their case, to a temperature between -10C to 35C. Avoid exposure to sun without air conditioning in closed environments such on the dashboard of the car, because temperatures reached in these conditions can damage the functionality of the sunglasses. If the lenses are worn (eg, scratched or opaque), it is recommended to replace with genuine spare TIFOSI original parts.