Tifosi Turns 16

Tifosi Turns 16

Isn’t It Sweet?!

While commemorating Tifosi’s sixteenth year, we are reminded of our youthful beginning, our solid present, and our exciting future. Family-owned Tifosi, grew its success by staying true to its family values and relying on teamwork. Family is at the heart of the company and it is what makes Tifosi more than just a brand.

In 2003, Elizabeth and Joe Earley decided to take on a new and nail-biting venture- Tifosi Optics. Being independent cycling reps, they knew there was a vacancy in the market for quality, affordable sunglasses. Realizing that they could fill this niche in the sporting sunglass market, coupled with Joe’s desire to travel less so he could spend more time with his sons, Elizabeth and Joe decided to throw their hats in the ring! It turned out to be a rewarding risk. Consumers were keen to buy sunglasses that were durable and didn’t hurt their budgets, and Joe was home more and able to watch his boys grow into young men.

Tifosi has grown from having one employee to 28 employees. Elizabeth and Joe laugh remembering how that first employee would carefully wind up their youngest son’s swing to keep him sleeping. Now that baby has also turned 16 and works part time in Tifosi’s warehouse. Not only have the number of employees grown (and wind-up swings are now battery operated) but Tifosi outgrew their initial offices and had to move to a larger space. No one will forget when Elizabeth and warehouse manager, Robin, straddled the conveyor belt between 2 forklifts and drove it down the county road to its new home!

Tifosi’s line of sunglasses included just 24 options when it first began. Choices today cover every sport and have a leading place in the athleisure market. Today, customers have numerous choices- Fototec, Polarized, Lifestyle, Enliven, Interchange, and Tactical to name a few. Tifosi is the #1 brand in cycling sunglasses and a leader in the run and golf markets. Its reach extends to 60 countries, 3,500 retail stores, and has a large presence online via social media and the Tifosi Optics website. This surpasses Elizabeth and Joe’s initial aim of covering only the southeast!

To be clear, Tifosi wouldn’t be the success story it is today without the combined efforts and contributions of its hardworking employees, incredible retailers, and loyal customers. Tifosi sincerely thanks each of you! We are moms, dads, coaches, players, volunteers, survivors, team, success, and family. We are Tifosi. Happy Sweet 16!