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Best Features in a Cycling Sunglass


Like wearing the right helmet, wearing the best sunglasses for your ride is imperative. Cyclists are smart about their gear and know that eye protection is required. Cycle-specific glasses protect eyes from debris, rocks, maddening insects, and damaging UV rays. Whether you are looking for shades to wear while shredding the trails or blasting the blacktop- here’s an easy rundown on what to look for.


You need your glasses to be comfortable…invisible even. The frame is fundamental in providing that comfort. Look for lightweight frames that use premium quality polymer materials like Grimalid TR-90. This material will reduce weight and make the glasses more flexible and durable. Lighter weight = comfort = longer rides.

The best cycling sunglasses should have grip. Hydrophilic rubber strategically placed on the nose and temples provides that grip and controls against slippage, even when your face is dripping! Adjustable temples are a beneficial bonus; they allow you to bend the temples so that they don’t interfere with your helmet.

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Wraparound frames are popular with cyclists for a reason. A wraparound frame (and curved lenses) provide you with better, clearer optics. They don’t obstruct your view thus improving your peripheral field of vision. Cyclists will find it easier to ride in groups and busy areas when they can see off to their sides!


Let’s talk lenses. Performance eyewear is innovative and thorough. Lenses are not an exception. First and foremost, you need your lenses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Only purchase glasses that give you 100% ultraviolet protection. Another safety element is having a shatterproof lens. Simply put, a polycarbonate lens is shatterproof, an acrylic lens is not. Crashes happen, protect your eyes! Check out the link below for a quick video on acrylic vs. polycarbonate:

Acrylic vs. Polycarbonate

The heat from your face, humidity, and colder temperatures can bring on the dreaded fogged lens. No one wants to stop their ride to wipe off lenses. Vented lenses distribute air circulation, keeping your visuals unclouded, so you can focus on your miles not your steam!

Cloudy days or bright sunshine, you need to be able to adjust. Finding a pair of shades that offer multiple, interchangeable lens options allows you to customize. Choosing the best color for the lighting condition will enhance your trek!

We know you love the ride, just remember to love your eyes. Throw a pair of shades on for protection and enjoy the added bonus of looking fly!