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Tifosi Optics Launches New Cycling Sunglasses: Sledge

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Slay in Sledge. Tifosi Optics’ newest cycling sunglasses are designed to enhance your ride with protection from the elements and give an unrestricted view of any road or trail.

Sledge’s oversized styling provides maximum coverage and an ergonomic face-fit. Featuring three vented lens options and adjustable temples; Sledge caters to comfort and drives performance. Feel confident knowing that your eyes are shielded with lenses that are shatterproof, provide 100% UV protection, and are encased in a lightweight yet durable Grilamid TR-90 frame. Sledge checks all the boxes for your endurance sport!

Tifosi has perfected cycling sunglasses while maintaining affordability. Sledge is priced at $69.95-79.95. Choose from four color options: Crystal Orange with a Clarion Blue lens, Crystal Red with a Clarion Yellow lens, Matte Black with a Smoke lens, or Matte White with a Smoke lens. Each option includes two additional shield lenses: a clear lens and Tifosi’s high-contrast AC Red lens. With Sledge, cyclists are equipped with the ideal tint for any lighting condition.

You can purchase your next favorite pair of cycling sunglasses here. Get out there and slay the day in Sledge today!

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