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Golfing Sunglasses: When You See Better, You Play Better

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Golf is a game of skilled perfection. Grip, stance, and swing directly impact where your ball is headed. Clear visuals can also enhance your craft. Every golfer knows that they will be faced with different lighting scenarios each time they are out on the greens. Sun, clouds, and course topography are just some of the obstacles golfer’s eyes are up against. Sunglasses can support your game by providing you with clearer visuals, eye comfort, and protection from sun damage.

Sport sunglasses are aplenty, but what exactly do golfers need to look for when purchasing this indispensable accessory?

Frames are the skeleton of the sunglass. With the hours a golfer puts into a game, comfort is a must. Frames made with a lightweight material, such as Grilamid TR-90, will provide that comfort and durability. Your frame fit is just as important. Try sunglasses on with your hat and visor for a proper fit. Also, seek sunglasses that have rubber nose bridges and rubber pads behind the ears. There is nothing more annoying than having your shades slip when in mid-swing, Tifosi’s hydrophilic rubber pieces will actually grip the more you sweat!

The lens: so many options and so very important! Let’s break it down. Championing all other necessities, the lens must provide 100% UV protection. Our eyes can sustain sun damage, like our skin, with long lasting effects. You will find 100% UV labels on sunglasses that have full protection. The sunglass lens serves as a form of armor for our eyes. Purchase sunglasses with shatterproof lenses to protect the eyes from impact. Peripheral vision is important when gauging your swing so look for a full wrap lens, like Tifosi’s Crit golfing sunglasses.

Lens technology has improved over the years. What are some of these technologies and how can they help you out on the greens?

  • Enliven Color Enhancing Lenses: this technology enhances colors so that you can have better golf course green reading and an easier time tracking the ball.
  • Fototec Lenses: also known as photochromic lenses, these can automatically darken or lighten tint as the sunlight on the course changes. No need to take sunglasses on and off!
  • Polarized Lenses: Polarized lenses are meant to reduce glare. There is debate about whether or not polarized is a benefit when golfing. Check out this article from SportRX to see if they are a fit for you.
  • Interchangeable Lenses: many sunglasses come with multiple lenses that can be switched out depending on the tint you need. For example, if you are golfing on a cloudy day, you can wear the lighter lens.
  • Prescription: Do you squint because of the sun or because of blurry vision? Now you don’t have to choose (nor squint!). Many sunglasses come with an RX option. See websites like SportRX to fill your prescription sunglass need!

Choose a pair of sunglasses that best fit you and the way you play. Check out Tifosi’s many golfing sunglass options. They will definitely benefit your eyes. Hopefully, they will have the added bonus of lowering your handicap!