The Evolution of the Tifosi Shield

The Evolution of the Tifosi Shield

Get ready for a blast from the past! Tifosi Optics is celebrating 20 years in the eyewear industry and we're taking a deep dive into the evolution of our eyewear. One of our most notable achievements? Our shield frames and lenses that have been turning heads since day one.

What exactly is a shield lens, you ask? Shield lenses are single, wide lenses that provide full coverage without any distracting breaks in the center. They've become increasingly popular with cyclists, and are now trending in other sports like running and baseball.



In 2003, Tifosi Optics officially opened its doors and released the first collection of cycling glasses. Among the first eyewear designs was Slip, our first full coverage shield. A major Slip innovation was the addition of lens vents to increase air flow. This is a great advantage when the face warms with exercise because the increased circulation moves the warmer air away quickly to prevent lens fogging. In the years to come the Slip would have two upgrades. To maximize a more custom fit and feel, Slip was the first Tifosi model to showcase the adjustable arm pads. In 2010, the new Slip lens got a new shape and lens vent.


Slip had a long run in the Tifosi Collection and paved the way for newer styles to be created. Among them was Logic in 2010, Altar in 2012 and Talos in 2015. Each expanded the lens vents to include a stylistic ventilation opening on the arm.



The Tifosi shield story would not be complete without acknowledging the groundbreaking Podium. Launched in 2012, Podium was the first ever rimless interchangeable shield to hit the market - an invention protected by a patent that remains in use to this day!

In 2007 Tifosi introduced Vogel, a model that has grown over the years into a new release just this past year the Vogel SL. Vogel is distinct from other current shields in that it is a single lens whereas the rest are interchangeable, allowing it to be the most affordable shield in the collection. Vogel SL has hydrophilic grips on the nose, comfort grip technology and an oversized fit. 

Tifosi has seen some stellar additions in recent history with Davos, Alliant, and Aethon. Both Davos and Alliant offer lower lens vents for those who require a little extra airflow. However, Aethon takes things up a notch by featuring a removable brow bar. It's a small detail, but it means that wearers can customize their glasses to their specific preferences. Need something that sucks up moisture? Aethon's got you covered. Or perhaps you prefer an unobstructed view? Again, Aethon fits the bill. At the end of the day, the choice is all yours. 

Tifosi is revolutionizing the eyewear game with modern and innovative shield designs. The full-frame Sledge and half-frame Sledge Lite set the trend with taller lenses, and the introduction of our rimless shields with Slice and Tsali exploded onto the scene. The popularity of rimless and tall shields was combined in our best-selling Rail, while Rail XC streamlined the style even further. Our latest addition, the Rail Race, features vents and a laser-etched outline.

Tifosi is always pushing the boundaries- and plan to continue innovating beyond just shields.