Frank Bozanich: Ultrarunner and 2013 Hall of Fame Member Visits Tifosi Optics

Frank Bozanich: Ultrarunner and 2013 Hall of Fame Member Visits Tifosi Optics

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On a cool spring day, April 7th, 2023, the Tifosi Optics team received a visit from an unexpected guest - Frank Bozanich. How did this meeting come about? It all started with a simple email received in early March via our "contact us" page on our website.

The email was from Frank himself, expressing his love for Tifosi sunglasses and sharing a photo of him wearing them while running with a friend. Frank shared a heartwarming story of how his Tifosi sunglasses endured a treacherous winter run across a icy creek, even when Frank took an unexpected tumble. Despite getting drenched, the Tifosi shades stayed securely in place. Talk about a testament to the brand's quality and durability! 

Our team responded, expressing their concern for Frank's well-being and admiration for the durability of their sunglasses. As the email exchange continued, our team was thrilled to discover that Frank had quite a story to tell. He shared that he was no stranger to danger, having survived several gun battles in Vietnam and two serious shootings as a cop in Alaska. It was clear that Frank had lived an interesting and adventurous life and the team could not wait to hear more. 

Everyone was excited to finally meet Frank in person, and we set a date for April 7th. When Frank arrived with his friend Bob, they spent some time talking about their upcoming charity golf event in Helen, GA, and how they first met. Bob, while in the service, was managing an upcoming marathon at Fort Benning when Frank, who was living on the west coast at the time, asked if he could race. Bob, not knowing who Frank was, agreed, but asked him if he was sure he could run the full 26.2 miles. To Bob's surprise, Frank not only completed the marathon but finished in first place after running next to the leader for the last four miles. 

As we toured the Tifosi warehouse, Frank and Bob were impressed with the selection of eyewear and accessories. They both left with some new Tifosi sunglasses and swag. Bob opted for the Sledge and Alliant models, while Frank chose the streamlined Veloce with an additional Enliven Golf lens for his upcoming tournament.


Frank Bozanich And Bob Summers Visiting Tifosi Optics

Frank Bozanich (r) and Bob Summers (l)


Our team at Tifosi had the pleasure of meeting Frank, who reminded them of the precious value in connecting with people and learning from their diverse perspectives. Frank's unique experiences touched the team, and they were thankful for the chance to listen to his story. As they said their farewells, our team looks forward to following Frank's exciting journey through life and wished him and Bob great success with their upcoming charitable event.


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