Stop and smell the sunglasses

Stop and smell the sunglasses

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Our new product makes a lot of scents

Endurance athletes have long turned to Tifosi Optics for the most innovative eyewear in their sport. From strategically placed lens vents to increase air flow and reduce lens fog, to adjustable ear pads that can be molded to perfectly fit your face shape, Tifosi leads the market in athletic tech. We are proud to announce that on April 1, 2020, we are launching the next big thing in sunglasses.

Fans of the brand are already familiar with Tifosi’s hydrophilic rubber that makes up the arm and nose pads of many of our models. This material traditionally reacts to perspiration, swelling slightly to increase grip when other glasses are more likely to slide off. Starting today, this rubber is pulling double duty with a secondary function we call Sweat Activated Scents or SAS!

With SAS’s sweat-and-sniff technology, the swelling of the rubber releases aroma-generating chemicals derived from minified natural sources as seen in the example above. These chemicals are encapsulated in microscopic gelatin spheres. With physical activity, the spheres rupture in the air and release the smell. Think of millions of tiny scented candles that each light when you sweat on them.

Exercise your sense of smell

A healthy dose of SAS comes with Tifosi’s new line of Scentsasional Swanks, modeled after our hugely popular wayfarer style. Each colorway of the series has it’s own unique smell. Woodgrain, Satin Black, Brown Fade, and Tangerine Sky are available at launch.

Talk about Smell-o-vision

For a limited time, Satin Clear Swanks will come with SAS, but with a twist! Each pair will have one of five mystery scents. Warm Apple Pie? Lemon Zest? Grandma’s House? There’s no telling. Collect them all for a bouquet of shades that are a treat for both your nose and eyes!

Happy April Fool’s Day!