Run, Don't Walk: What Makes Good Running Glasses?

Run, Don't Walk: What Makes Good Running Glasses?

As any runner knows it is essential to have the right gear to make your run a successful one. One of the most important pieces of gear a runner should have is a good pair of running glasses. But with so many options, how do you know which running glasses are best for you? Lets break down what makes up a good pair of running glasses so you can make the best decision before your next run. 

Lens Type:

The Lens type all depends on what conditions you are planning to run in. If you are heading out for a sunrise run or its an extra sunny day, you should consider a polarized lens because of its anti-glare and UV protection. If you are an evening runner maybe consider a lens that adjusts to the light- like a fototec lens. Always make sure your running sunglasses are shatterproof and scratch-resistant as well. Here are some different lens options-

  • Polarized:  Polarized lenses filter glare and transmit only usable light, providing increased visual clarity while reducing eyestrain
  • Interchange: Interchange offers the ability to switch out lenses to whichever lens color you need at the time. This comes with 3 lenses- one for all condition, full sun conditions and one for those low light days.
  • Fototecadjusts rapidly to changing light conditions without the need of carrying extra lenses.


Your frame design should be both comfortable and stylish. Look for frames that are lightweight and durable; after all, no one wants to feel weighed down by their glasses while they’re out pounding the pavement! 

  • Half: Crit and Jet are examples of a half shape where the rim only encases the top half of the lens. A half shape offers a moderate amount of eye coverage on your run.
  • Full: This shape also offers an adequate amount of coverage but has a rim that circles the entirety of the lens. This style is available in frames such as Swank and Sizzle.
  • Shield: For the best protection consider a shield shape such as Rail, Vogel SL or Sledge. This shape wraparounds the eyes providing maximum coverage from debris and light.

Frame Technology: 

Lens colors and shapes are important factors, but so is the frame of your sunglasses. Be sure to choose sunglasses with frames that are durable and comfortable. Tifosi’s frames are made with a Grilamid TR-90 material that is light as well as durable and equipped with adjustable ear and nose pieces that limits slippage and increases comfort. It also includes an anti-bounce fit so no matter how tough your run is your glasses will hold up. 


Not all running glasses are created equal which is why you have to find a pair that fits well, good quality and affordable. That is why Tifosi Optics makes performance eyewear for every budget. Tifosi running sunglasses start at only $25! You will surely find the perfect match for you.