best cycling sunglasses

How to Choose the Best Cycling Sunglasses for You

As a cyclist you probably spend a lot of time exposing your body to the elements of the outdoors. You wear a helmet to prevent head injuries in case of a crash and you wear kits to keep your arms from getting sunburn. But an often forgotten body part that also needs protection are your eyes. Cycling sunglasses are not just a luxury to have on a ride, they are a must. They will protect your eyes from debris, bugs, and UV rays from the sun. And an added bonus is that sunglasses will actually enhance your visibility. That is why choosing the right cycling sunglasses is so important for your rides. Let’s break down some of the basic functions needed in cycling sunglasses.

What color lens is best for cycling sunglasses?

First, you need to consider what kind of lens color suits your cycling needs. Choosing the right lens color will depend mostly on what time of day you usually ride.

  • Smoke, Brown, or Clarion are best suited for full-sun conditions.
  • All Conditions (AC) Red are great for sunny to cloudy conditions.
  • Clear is ideal for protection in low-light conditions.
  • Enliven Bike (a Tifosi Optics exclusive) uses color capture technology to fine tune the wavelengths of light that matter most; making greens, blues, and red pop with definition.

Polarized, Photochromic or Interchangeable Lenses For Cycling Sunglasses?

After choosing a lens color that works for you, consider enhancements that can be made, such as, investing in polarized lenses Polarized lenses filter glare and transmit only usable light, providing increased visual clarity while reducing eyestrain and are usually available in smoke, brown or clarion colors.

When choosing cycling sunglasses, it is important to decide if you would prefer Interchange or Fototec (photochromic) lenses. Interchange offers the ability to switch out lenses to whichever lens color you need at the time. But sometimes on your rides, the less gear, the better. This is when Fototec can come in handy as this lens adjusts rapidly to changing light conditions without the need of carrying extra lenses.

You may also want to consider choosing a lens with vents. Vented lenses will prevent your sunglasses from fogging and many of Tifosi’s cycling sunglasses are equipped with lens vents.

Shape Options

The shape of your lenses may come down to preference and a choice based on your style. But each lens shape offers some sort of protection.

  • Half: Wisp or Crit are examples of a half shape where the rim only encases the top half of the lens. A half shape offers a moderate amount of eye coverage on your ride.
  • Full: This shape also offers an adequate amount of coverage but has a rim that circles the entirety of the lens. This style is available in frames such as Amok or Dolomite 2.0.
  • Shield: For the best protection consider a shield shape such as RailAethon, Slice, or Sledge. This shape wraparounds the eyes providing maximum coverage from debris and light.

Frame Technology

Lens colors and shapes are important factors, but so is the frame of your sunglasses. Be sure to choose sunglasses with frames that are durable and comfortable. Tifosi’s frames are made with a Grilamid TR-90 material that is light as well as durable and equipped with adjustable ear and nose pieces that limits slippage and increases comfort.


You shouldn’t have to choose between affordable sunglasses or quality, that is why Tifosi Optics makes performance eyewear for every budget. Tifosi cycling sunglasses start at only $25!

In addition to the above selections in cycling sunglasses, Tifosi offers advanced eyewear technology in every pair of sunglasses. All Tifosi Optics sunglasses are made with polycarbonate lenses that are scratch-resistant and provide 100% UVA/UVB protection from ultraviolet Rays.

Not every option listed above may be a must for you when it comes to cycling glasses. In fact, a lot of your “musts” will come down to your style preference and riding level. But it is still important to keep your eyes protected with quality sunglasses on every single ride!