Exploring Tifosi's Aviator Running Glasses: A Closer Look at Shwae, Salto, and Selca

Exploring Tifosi's Aviator Running Glasses: A Closer Look at Shwae, Salto, and Selca

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Tifosi Optics has been steadily expanding our Aviator running glasses collection over the past few years, featuring popular models such as Shwae, Salto, and Selca. The rise of sport aviators has taken the running community by storm, and for good reason.

Whether you're gearing up for a marathon, hitting the pavement for your daily workout, enjoying a leisurely evening stroll, or simply running errands around town, Tifosi's aviator options are tailored to meet all your needs. Join us in this blog as we dive into the details of each of our running aviators and much more.

Engineered with precision and crafted for endurance, Shwae sunglasses redefine your running experience. Shwae is the classic metal aviator style frame, which you can never go wrong with. It also includes tangle-free nose pads that won't snag or pull your hair, which is a dream for anyone with longer hair.

With lightweight, durable frames and advanced optics, Shwae ensures comfort and clarity mile after mile. Whether you're tackling trails or hitting the pavement, Shwae sunglasses offer unparalleled functionality and style for every run. Shwae comes in 8 beautiful colorways.
Introducing Selca, one of the latest additions to the Tifosi Optics family. With its timeless aviator-style frame crafted from our innovative Thrive material, Selca embodies both style and durability. Designed for the avid runner, Selca's shatterproof lenses offer unparalleled protection against UV rays and unexpected impacts, ensuring clear vision and peace of mind on every run.

Equipped with integrated hinges for seamless movement and available in seven stylish colorways (including polarized), Selca is as functional as it is fashionable. Plus, with the option to customize your own pair on our website and availability in prescription, Selca offers personalized comfort and performance for everyone. Who wouldn't want prescription aviator running sunglasses tailored to their needs?

Salto, the newest addition to Tifosi's running aviator collection, brings a blend of style and innovation to your life. Designed with an integrated hinge system that eliminates hair-pulling discomfort and hydrophilic nose pads for enhanced grip, Salto ensures a distraction-free run every time. Unlike its counterparts, Shwae and Selca, Salto boasts a sleek square aviator style, available in six stunning colorways, including polarized options for added protection. Salto can be customized through our custom shop and is also available in prescription, offering a personalized fit tailored to your needs.

Tifosi Optics continues to push the boundaries of style and performance with its expanding Aviator running glasses collection. From the classic metal frame of Shwae to the timeless aviator design of Selca and the sleek square style of Salto, each pair offers a unique blend of innovation and functionality tailored to meet the fashion and performance.

With features like tangle-free nose pads, shatterproof lenses, prescription sunglasses and customizable options, Tifosi's aviator sunglasses are not only a fashion statement but also a reliable companion for every mile of your journey. Whether you're training for a marathon or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll, trust Tifosi to elevate your running experience with unmatched clarity, comfort, and style.