A Path of Passion: A Q+A with Tifosi Ambassador and Pickler, Tyson Apostol

A Path of Passion: A Q+A with Tifosi Ambassador and Pickler, Tyson Apostol

In the realm of reality television, where competition and strategy reign supreme, the experiences of a professional athlete can offer unique insights and advantages. For Tyson Apostol, whose background as a professional cyclist paved the way for a stint on "Survivor" and eventually a career in pickleball, the journey has been one of adaptation, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of passion. We got to sit down with Tyson and ask all the burning questions. 

How did your background as a professional cyclist contribute to your experiences and mindset on "Survivor"?

Cycling is an interesting sport because it’s a team sport, but also individual. Take your moments where you can, but ultimately if the team succeeds than you’ve done your job. The first half of Survivor, when it’s a tribe dynamic, is just like this. Also, performing on little calories is a cyclist's superpower and goes a long way in Survivor. Acting strong when you’re weak and weak when you’re strong is also a powerful tool in cycling that helped on Survivor.

Can you share some memorable moments or lessons learned from your time on "Survivor" and how it has shaped your life?

The most valuable lesson is be good to everyone. Even those on the bottom and against you can come around and be an ally when you need them most or when you least expect. Best to err on the side of kindness.

At Tifosi our mantra is “live your passion”, how would you describe how you live out your passion?

I live my passion by focusing on things that bring me joy, which ultimately improves my life and the life of those around me. Being a father is my greatest passion, pickleball has brought so much to me as well. It’s physical, social, strategic... All things I love.

What sparked your interest in pickleball, and how did you transition from cycling and reality TV to becoming a professional pickleball player?

I was looking for a new form of exersize that I really enjoyed. TBH I got really burned out on pedalling everyday and needed a change. Pickleball is so fun I never feel like it’s a grind and am exhausted after a few hours. I’ve decided for myself I don’t want to grind just to grind anymore, if I’m not loving it, find something else.

Could you describe your training routine for pickleball and how it differs from your previous training for cycling.

The beauty of pickleball is that just by playing you are getting some work in. Cycling you can’t just go out and race everyday. Pickleball, even if you’re running drills or working on shots etc, you can always find time to get some games in even after those training sessions.

What has been your favorite Tifosi sunglasses to wear?

I love the Sanctum as my dailies. They’re perfect for the courts, out and about or casual wear through the day. Also love the Vogel SL's for a more active look if I’m feeling spicy.

What is your go to gear?

Besides my Tifosi shades, I always wear Imperial hats, Fila footwear, Chubbies apparel use a Gamma paddle and use Chirp massagers and rollers for recovery.

How do you manage to balance your career in pickleball with other aspects of your life and interests?

I just have to find time and have a consistent schedule. I have certain days I play pickleball. Certain days I run my podcasts etc. It’s easy to get it all in if I know that Mondays and Thursdays are for sure pickleball.

What advice do you have for individuals looking to pursue diverse career paths and interests?

Have a broad sense or goal of what you want and realize that sometimes you’ll need to take a path that my not be roses to get to where you want to go. Also your end goal may change along that journey so be open. As long as you are making progress in some aspect you are moving forward... may not be the way you want or envisioned but it is building towards something greater.

How has the pickleball community welcomed you, and what do you enjoy most about being a part of it?

The pickleball community has been very open and is a tight group. When you all share the same love it’s an immediate bond. Most of the friendships I’ve created over the last 5 years have at least indirectly come from pickleball.

Are there specific goals or milestones you hope to achieve in your pickleball career? To just keep getting better AND having fun. Those two go hand in hand for me.

Can you share any upcoming projects or goals you have in both the pickleball world and other areas of your career?

I’ve always got something in the works. Top secret TV stuff is always a possibility. As far as pickleball goes, I love sharing the sport with people who have never played. Get them out on the court and encourage them.

What message or advice would you give to aspiring athletes or individuals looking to follow their passion and explore different avenues in their careers?

Again, KEEP MAKING PROGRESS SOMEWHERE. Look at what you’re doing in your life right now and thinking outside the box ask yourself “Is this improving me as a person or the skillsets that are needed to achieve my goals?” if it is, you’re doing alright. Keep going!!!