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A Not So Ordinary Back-to-School Product Guide

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(for a Not So Ordinary Year)

Wow! It is hard to believe that it is time to start shopping for back-to-school supplies, but here we are. This year, many school districts and parents have opted for their students to go virtual. As a result, this has parents, students, and teachers shifting gears and looking for products that will smooth this transition. What besides the usual pencils, markers, and notebooks, do students need? Here are some ideas to help you and your child rock the at-home, virtual classroom!

Selfie Ring Light – $12.99

selfie ring light

Teens and teachers will appreciate the softening effects that this light will provide for their video calls! Auxiwa makes a clip-on light that can be used on your computer or phone.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – $39.95

tifosi blue light blocking guide

More screen time? No problem! Tifosi Optics’ Gaming Glasses will protect eyes from wavelengths of blue light that can cause eye strain and headaches. Have fun customizing a pair or buying one of the many prebuilt models, all for $39.95!

Green Screen – $23.99

green screen

Get creative by making different backgrounds with this green screen. Check out this Emart green screen to help change things up!

Webcam Covers – $9.98

webcam covers

There are real-life moments that you don’t want accidently caught on camera. Grab a cute Akron webcam cover to ensure that these moments are only seen by these googly eyed guys! Set of 5, $9.98.

Headphones for Kids – $15.00

headphone for kids

JBUDDIES folding headphones are cute and will help keep your house quiet! They are a win-win! $15

Rolling Desk – $33.99

rolling desk

Why not move your classroom around? You can, with this adjustable desk by Airlift. When not working, you can easily store this away! $33.99

Desk Pad – Starting at $14.99

desk pad

Protect your desktop from spills while having a comfortable writing surface. The TOWII Desk Pad comes in 3 different sizes and is reversible so you can change the color. $14.99-18.99

Desk Organizer – $18.99

desk organizer

Don’t sweat the small stuff! Keep your students organized with this Exerz Mesh Desk Organizer. They offer 11 color options and are $18.99.

Wobble Seats – Starting at $49.99

wobble seat

Alternative seating has helped many kids with the wiggles! Coming in 3 sizes, these Wobble Chairs allow students to wobble or rock safely while working. $49.99-69.99

Storage Carts – $49.99

storage carts

If you have multiple students or even multiple classes, this Giantex 6 Drawer Cart will help keep papers organized. This cart comes on rollers so you can move it to different rooms or easily tuck it away when you have company! $

Planners – Starting at $12.95


Global Datebooks created this planner with elementary students in mind. It will help children stay on track with a weekly format calendar and stickers. $12.95

global datebooks

Middle and high school students can keep their assignments organized using this planner created by Order Out of Chaos. It features all day planning and 6 subject boxes. $16.99

2020 is teaching us lessons every day, from adapting to new situations to learning how to be more patient. With the right tools and mind set, you and your students can conquer this new learning adventure! So toss those backpacks back in the closet, and get your at-home classroom fitted for success!