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Swick black neon gaming glasses

Swick Gaming & Blue Light Glasses

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Sporting a fit made for those who take full advantage of life, Swick is vying to be part of your adventure. Call it sweet. Call it sick. It’s Swick.

These Swick are equipped with blue light lenses which reduce the blue light exposure that causes eye strain and fatigue after extended screen time. Try on a pair and play that all-nighter with confidence or reduce your eye strain while pouring over those spreadsheets.

The benefits of blue light blocking lenses go beyond just protecting our eyes from harm. Here are just a few of the ways that blue light lenses can improve our lives:
  • Improved sleep quality: Blue light can disrupt our natural sleep-wake cycle, making it harder for us to fall asleep at night. By wearing blue light glasses, we can reduce our exposure to blue light and improve our sleep quality.
  • Reduced eye strain: Spending long hours staring at screens can cause eye strain and fatigue. Blue light lenses can help reduce these symptoms by blocking out some of the blue light that causes them.
  • Better vision: Blue light can cause glare and impair our vision, especially when driving at night. Blue light glasses can help reduce glare and improve our vision in these situations.
  • Increased productivity: When our eyes are tired and strained, it can be difficult to focus and be productive. By wearing blue light lenses, we can keep our eyes feeling fresh and increase our productivity.
  • Greater comfort: Blue light glasses can also make it more comfortable to use electronic devices for long periods of time. By reducing glare and eye strain, they can make it easier to work on a computer or use a smartphone for extended periods.

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Love them

Awesome Glasses

These glasses are amazing. I have an eye condition so I have to use blue light glasses 24/7. I was having trouble with LED lights blinding me at tennis courts and decided to give these a shot. They were the perfect solution. I even use them while driving.

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