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Ordnance 2.0 Tactical

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Title:Matte BlackTactical Interchange

Elevate your eyewear experience with our revamped Tactical and Safety Sunglasses, now incorporating the exceptional features of the Ordnance 2.0 Tactical. Designed for those who demand excellence, these sunglasses are not just an accessory; they're an essential part of your gear for success, adventure, and safety.

Crafted from the exceptional Grilamid TR-90 NZZ, our frames offer the perfect balance of lightness and durability. Embrace the freedom to move without compromising on strength, setting the stage for long-lasting service in any scenario.

The evolution continues with the inclusion of three shatterproof ANSI Z87.1 Safety-Rated shield lenses – Smoke, HC Red, and Clear Safety. Whether you're facing bright sunlight, low-light conditions, or somewhere in between, these polycarbonate interchange lenses ensure optimal clarity and protection for every situation.

The shield frame design provides a sleek and protective look, while fully adjustable nose and ear pieces offer a custom fit tailored to your preferences. Hydrophilic rubber nose pads increase grip as you sweat, ensuring your eyewear stays securely in place during every mission.

Tailored Fit To Perfection
Our Tactical and Safety Sunglasses accommodate Small to Large fits with ease. Weighing in at just 30 grams, these sunglasses offer a feather-light feel without compromising on durability, ensuring you can focus on your mission without distraction.

  • LENS TECHNOLOGY ➤ Smoke / HC Red / Clear Safety – Shatterproof ANSI Z87.1 Safety-Rated polycarbonate interchange lenses for bright and low light scenarios, scratch-resistant (not scratch-proof) with UV protection
  • LIGHT FRAME ➤ Only 30grams, half frame made of Grilamid TR-90 NZZ frames are non-reflective. Shield frame, fully adjustable nose and ear pieces, hydrophilic rubber nose pads that increase grip the more you sweat
  • IDEAL FOR ➤ Work Environment 👷🏼⚒️ 🛠️, Tennis & Pickleball🎾
  • FIT ➤ Small - Large
  • INCLUDED ➤ Zippered Hardshell Case & Microfiber Cleaning Bag

Gear up with confidence, knowing that our Tactical and Safety Sunglasses, inspired by the Ordnance 2.0 Tactical, are equipped to handle any challenge. Don't just meet the standards; exceed them with eyewear that sets a new benchmark. Embrace the future of eyewear today.

Tifosi Cleaning Bag


Protect your eyewear and safely wipe clear your lenses with the included microfiber cleaning bag.