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Masso safety glasses
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masso pink clear protective sunglass
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Masso Safety Glasses

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Model:Clear Safety
Masso: Premier Safety Eyewear for Unparalleled Protection

Enhance your safety standards with Masso, a pinnacle in safety eyewear designed to deliver unmatched protection in various environments. Crafted with precision and durability, Masso ensures that your eyes are shielded from potential hazards, providing a secure and comfortable solution for those who prioritize safety.

Advanced Safety Frame
Masso boasts a state-of-the-art Grilamid TR-90 NZZ frame, meeting stringent safety standards. Engineered for durability and impact resistance, this safety-rated frame is your frontline defense against potential workplace or recreational hazards.

Shatterproof Clarity for Enhanced Safety
Equipped with ANSI Z87.1-rated polycarbonate lenses, Masso guarantees shatterproof and scratch-resistant clarity. These lenses provide unparalleled protection for your eyes in diverse environments, ensuring optimal safety without compromising visibility.

Comfortable Design for Prolonged Wear
Weighing in at a mere 29 grams, Masso prioritizes comfort during extended wear. The lightweight construction is purposefully designed to minimize fatigue, making Masso the ideal choice for those who require safety eyewear for long durations.

Full-Coverage Design
Masso's seamless integration of frame and lens offers full-coverage protection. This design ensures that your eyes are shielded from all angles, reducing the risk of potential injuries in challenging work or recreational settings.

Versatile Fit for All Wearers
Tailored to accommodate a range of face sizes, Masso offers a versatile fit suitable for small to large wearers. This inclusive design ensures that everyone can benefit from the superior safety features of Masso eyewear.

Uncompromising Safety Standards
Designed with an unwavering commitment to safety, Masso sets a new standard in protective eyewear. Whether you're working in a demanding environment or engaging in recreational activities that require added safety measures, Masso is your trusted partner for uncompromising eye protection.

Prefered By Atlethes As Pickleball Safety Glasses

Take Your Pickleball Experience to New Heights
Whether you're a casual player or a competitive pro, Masso is designed to elevate your pickleball experience. Equip yourself with safety-rated features, shatterproof clarity, and a comfortable fit that lasts throughout your games. Choose Masso and play with confidence on the pickleball court.

  • LENS TECHNOLOGY ➤ Shatterproof, scratch-resistant ANSI Z87.1 polycarbonate lens with UV protection
  • ULTRA LIGHT FRAME ➤ Only 29 grams made of Safety-Rated Grilamid TR-90 NZZ, durable and lightweight for all day comfort.
  • IDEAL FOR ➤ Work Environment 👷🏼⚒️ 🛠️, Tennis & Pickleball🎾
  • FIT ➤ Small - Large
Tifosi Cleaning Bag


Protect your eyewear and safely wipe clear your lenses with the included microfiber cleaning bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Long lasting Masso

This is my second pair of Masso safety glasses and I tell ya they really are the best ones I’ve tried so far! The other safety glasses I have used in recent times have been Milwaukee ones (really nice) but the lenses on those got scratched up much quicker. I work in a shop and wear them everyday and I had the first set for around 6 months, insane! Highly recommend you give them a try you won’t be disappointed.

Darlene Packett
Perfect for Pickleball!

I got the tinted glasses for pickleball. Also would be great for sitting outside at the beach. The only issue I have is that they fog up so need to find out how to prevent that issue. I have other Tifosi sunglasses (Wisp) been wearing them for over 5 years and they are my absolute favorite!


Have both the CLEAR and TINTED for shooting. Fantastic thin earpieces fit nicely under earmuffs. Great fit around eyes for protection. Will be getting another pair.

Great fit

Very comfortable to wear.
Frame and temple plastic materials were different than other Tifosi glasses.

Ray Bee
Great vision for indoor Racquetball usage!

Was looking for pair of safety glass options outside the current racquetball brands and remembered my cycling glasses were Tifosi! Browsed around the website and found these. Played several times now and great vision and clarity on the court. Great ventilation, they don't fog up. I used some preventive no fog just in case and they stay clear. I recommend giving these a try if your in need of eye protection!