The days are getting longer which means more daylight and more time to ride. A regular bike tune-up is advised to keep your bike in prime cycling condition; this will allow you to get the best performance out of your bike and the most fun out of your ride.

In general, depending on the level of service you require, your tune-up should cover:

Cleaning and degreasing the chain and cassette

  • Adjust Derailleurs
  • Adjust Brakes
  • True Wheels
  • Adjust Headset and bottom bracket
  • Safety check
  • Test ride

We spoke with Jimmy Marbut, owner of Sunshine Cycles (a Tifosi Optics sunglass dealer) in Watkinsville, GA, about what to expect when getting your bike tuned up. He walked us through what his shop provides and what you can ask for from your local cycling shop.

Sunshine Cycles offers 3 different levels of service to properly tune-up your bike. Your bike shop’s tune-up service choices may vary but the following summary will provide you with some guidance.

Performance Tune

According to Marbut, “If it can be adjusted, we adjust it. We adjust brakes and shifting, true wheels and spokes, adjust any bearings on the hub set and head set bottom bracket. Further, we lube the drive train and cables; and put the correct air pressure in the tires. We also put a wrench on every nut and bolt of the bike to make sure everything is sound. Parts are added to tune-up as needed.”

Drive Train Clean and Tune

The second level of tune-up is the drive train tune-up. “We pull off the drive train, scrub it down, and clean it. Then, we perform the performance tune-up on top of that,” Marbut explains.

Overhaul Tune-Up

Marbut adds, “The next level is our overall tune up. We do a full take down of the bike, down to the bearings. All parts get cleaned, scrubbed down, and then reassembled. We then complete the performance tune-up in addition, making this the most comprehensive tune-up we offer.”

A good bike tune-up means you are now ready to enjoy the open road. Make sure to wear your helmet and take hydration and nutrition for longer rides. No matter what the distance, follow the rules of the road and the etiquette of cycling. Ride On.