Top Ten Reasons Why Tifosi Lenses <br>Beat The Competition

Top Ten Reasons Why Tifosi Lenses
Beat The Competition

They Are Shatterproof And Scratch-Resistent

Our lenses start off as a liquid polycarbonate which is injected into a mold and compressed and cooled to form a single, durable lens. Cheaper lenses are made by layering plastic like a laminate which can cause distortion between each layer. Press on cheaper lenses and they will pop in and out demonstrating the limited eye protection they offer.

They Offer 100% UVA/UVB Protection

There are three kinds of ultraviolet light. UVC is absorbed in atmosphere is no threat, but UVA and UVB can burn the eye in the short term and lead to cataracts and macular degeneration in the long term. Always make sure you wear lenses that block 100% of this harmful radiation, like Tifosi.

They Allow Optimal Airflow

Many of our lenses have vents that allow air to pass more freely around your eye. This prevents the fogging that can occur when the warmth of your eye and active body on one side of the lens interacts with the air on the other side.

They Are Optically Decentered

Wrap around sport frames require curved lenses. Our lenses properly align with the eye by making the optical center offset from the mechanical center of the lens, optimizing clarity.

They Reduce Eye Strain

Our proprietary glare guard lens coating reduces eye strain that can cause eye pain, blurred vision, or headaches with extended use.

They Are Interchangable

Tifosi lenses can be easily removed and replaced to increase the functionality and longevity of your sunglasses. Interchange models comes with three sets of lenses, each with a specific use.

They Designed For Your Sport

We offer lenses designed with our favorite sports in mind. Our All-Conditions Red and High Speed Red lenses are great for endurance athletes making time. Our Golf/Tennis/Baseball lenses are perfect for tracking a ball in flight. And our Extreme Contrast lenses are meant for reading terrain.

They Are Ready For Any Environment

Tifosi offers polarized lenses for high-glare conditions like water and snow, Fototec lenses for the variable lighting of dusk and dawn, and combination lenses to cover all bases.

They Are Backed By A Lifetime Warranty

We will warranty any sunglass against manufacturer’s defects to the original owner for the life of the product. For details and exclusions, visit our warranty page.

They Are Paired With Awesome Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our relationship with our customers. If you ever have questions or issue while enjoying Tifosi, contact us. We would not be here without you!