best running gear for in the heat

Top 10 Gear for Running in the Heat

Ahhhh, it’s summer at last. Longer days, pool time, and golden sunshine are here! With the sun granting us more daylight hours it’s easier to find time for a run yet more difficult to stay cool. Heat can be uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. We carefully selected gear that will help you beat the heat and keep your workout on target.

1.) Sports Hat

performance hat for running

Let’s start at the top! Wearing a hat will shelter your head and face from rays overhead. Headsweats Performance Sports Hat has an Eventure knit shell and terry sweatband that will dry 3 to 4 times faster than cotton. It weighs less than 2 ounces and has an adjustable rear buckle with an opening for a ponytail. $18.55

2.) Headband

head bands for running

You might prefer a headband to a hat, the Arctic Cool Instant Cooling headband will not just keep sweat from dripping down your face but also provides a halo of cool. When you sweat and the headband gets wet, the Hydro Freeze X Technology will activate while absorbing moisture. $7.99

3.) Sunglasses

sunglasses for running in the heat

Sunglasses are an essential piece of gear to wear when running. The sun’s rays hit you at a steep angle in the summer, exposing your eyes to stronger UV rays. Tifosi Optics’ Swank Series sunnies will protect your eyes and the delicate skin around them from 100% of UV rays. The hydrophilic rubber pieces will grip the more you sweat. Check out the many different colors and styles to get the perfect pair for you! Starting at $25

4.) Hydrating Race Vest

hydration vest for runners

Runners know that hydration is key to fighting heat exhaustion. Nathan’s Vaporhowe Race Vest is the easiest way to get your fluids while pounding the pavement or trail. This lightweight, body-mapped vest has two 20 oz. soft flasks with extended tubes. It also features water-resistant pockets to keep your keys and smartphone. $140.24

5.) Sports Bra

women's sports bra for running

Ladies, you know what an important piece of running apparel the sports bra is. Check out Runderwear’s V4 Running Bra. This bra was “built for runners, by runners!” Made with a fabric that is soft, moisture-wicking, and breathable. $70

6.) Shirt

shirts for running in the heat

Clothing needs to be breathable and able to wick away moisture when running in the heat, shirts are no exception! Avoid 100% cotton since it absorbs moisture and can cause chaffing. Solomon has a variety of shirts to choose from that are made from AdvancedSkin Active Dry fabric. Starting at $35

7.) Shorts

shorts for running in the heat

Of course, you need comfy shorts! Trackspeed Session Speed Shorts are soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, and have UV protection. The Trackspeed shorts have an exposed waistband and a Polygiene liner for added comfort. These come in men’s and women’s sizes. $72

8.) Socks

socks for running in heat

We will say it again, you need a material that will breathe! Your feet sure take a beating and need comfort. Check out Swiftwick’s socks, they are made to prevent blisters and whisk away sweat. $14.99

9.) Sunscreen

sunscreen for runners

If you are running in the heat, then, like your eyes, your skin is being exposed to harmful ultra-violet rays and needs to be protected. You must wear sunscreen! You want to make sure that you find a broad-spectrum sunscreen that is water-resistant and has an SPF of at least 30. Remember to reapply every hour if you are sweating. Give Neutrogena’s Ultra Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 50 a try. $7.99

10.) Cooling Bandana

cooling bandana for runners

There is nothing quite like ice to give you a welcome respite from the heat. Fill Nathan’s Run Cool Ice Bandana up with ice and let the chill begin. You can wear this around your neck or wrapped on your head or wrist. $19.99

Running is a great way to take care of your mind and body. Stay cool this summer so you can reap the benefits of summer and your favorite workout!