Tifosi Optics & MRTT Donate To Center on Addiction

Tifosi Optics & MRTT Donate To Center on Addiction

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Tifosi Optics and Moms RUN This Town have launched the 2019 #RunClean campaign. Their partnership developed when they became aware of mainstream marketing glorifying opioid use. It stems from their shared belief that drugs should not be a part of a healthy exercise program or an active lifestyle.

Clean exercise is beneficial to all and can serve as a vehicle for addiction recovery. Use your passion, strength, and grit to soar, not drugs. As part of this campaign, Tifosi promised to donate to a nonprofit drug education and support program using a portion of the proceeds from sunglasses sold to MRTT members.

Tifosi made a donation of $5970 to Partnership For Drug-Free Kids/Center on Addiction. According to Kaila Packett Sassano, Vice President of Development, Center on Addiction, “Your donation supports our family services, allowing us to provide more tools and resources, while advocating for policy change that will impact families with a loved one who is struggling with substance use. With your help, we can reach more families and change how our nation addresses addiction.” Tifosi feels grateful to be a part of something so necessary and vital.

Elizabeth Earley, cofounder of Tifosi, firmly believes in this campaign. “It is humbling to know that so many families are affected by addiction and drug related problems. I am grateful that Tifosi had this opportunity to make a monetary donation to a well-respected organization like Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. It is my hope that we can continue this conversation and make some positive changes with our #RunClean campaign.”

Founded in 2003, family-owned Tifosi Optics entwined its family values and ethics into their business model. Their goal is to sell affordable, quality sunglasses with an honest and positive approach. We are hard working moms, dads, coaches, players, volunteers, survivors…family…We are family. We Are Tifosi.

Tifosi Optics is pleased to be the official sunglass of Moms RUN This Town. MRTT is a free running club founded by Pam Burrus in 2011. What started as a local running club turned into a nation-wide club with over 700 chapters!

About Center on Addiction

Center on Addiction merged with Partnership for Drug-Free Kids in January 2019 and is the nation’s leading science-based nonprofit dedicated to transforming how the nation addresses addiction. We empower families to support loved ones, advance effective addiction care and shape public policies that prevent and treat addiction as a public health issue. Center on Addiction is the only national organization committed to supporting the whole family as they address every aspect of substance use and addiction, from prevention to recovery. For more information, visit https://www.centeronaddiction.org.