Show the World How You Really Feel

Show the World How You Really Feel

At Tifosi Optics, we are always looking for ways to enhance your athletic and sunglass-wearing experience. We’re proud to have brought you innovative technology in our sunglasses for years, such as vented lenses and adjustable ear and nosepieces. But we’re not stopping there! From the same company that brought you scented sunglasses, we’re excited to introduce Mood Sunnies this April 1st, 2021!

These color-changing sunglasses are unlike anything you’ve seen before! Our durable Grilamid TR-90 frames featured in our Swank Series now have the ability to change colors depending on your mood. Gone are the days of only having the Internet to voice your true emotions, now you can slide on a pair of Mood Sunnies and show the world how you really feel.

Right In The #Feels

In an effort to replicate the cutting-edge tech of mood rings from the 1970s, we put our top scientists to work to find a way to allow Tifosi sunglasses to express a variety of moods. That’s where Aura-Enhanced Elements come in! Aura-Enhanced Elements or AEE are liquid crystals that change colors based on the temperature of your forehead’s temples. When the arms of the sunglasses touch your skin, the thermochromic element in AEE uses heat sensors to detect your mood and then changes the frame color accordingly.

Every Swank Series sunglasses in our Mood Sunnies Series start out as a clear “indifferent” frame. Here are just a few of the moods it can change to:

Express Yourself

You already knew that sunglasses are one of the best accessories for expressing yourself and now we’ve taken that to another level. So go ahead, grab a pair of Mood Sunnies while you can, they’re only available for today!

Happy April Fool’s Day!