Reposted with permission from The Running Senora.

I ran a half marathon in January 2017. The day after I went for a short recovery run and put my sunglasses “somewhere” and never found them again. It took over 10 months (all through the spring and summer, mind you) before I was able to find another pair of sunglasses worthy of buying and wearing while running. I was, and still am, quite picky when it comes to sunglasses and I’m not willing to just spend $15-20 at the Target because it’s IronMan and says polarized. It’s got to work for me!

I want a pair that doesn’t move when I raise my eye brows. I want some that don’t fog up when it’s cold outside and I’m sweating on a good run. I want some that I can wear while running, but wear when I’m not. I want sunglasses that stand out and that I can coordinate with my running clothes (come on, you know you think about that, too!). I want them to be polarized because it keeps me from straining to see in the sunshine. And I certainly want them to fit my wallet.

So, the night before my first marathon in November, I bought a new pair of glasses at the event expo. They’d been all the rave from many IG friends, and naturally, if everyone I knew had them, it was something I’d needed too. They worked well for a few miles of the marathon, but given the steamy temps, they started to fog on me, and even in some parts of the race, the sun was so blinding it was almost like I had no glasses on at all. They were affordable, light, and no slip, and a fun pink. They worked okay I guess. And then they fog-which is dumb. But the kicker: their marketing is AWFUL. It’s nothing but foul language in almost every promotion, and as if a bunch of fools working to embarrass themselves, no matter the cost. They are concerned with how many followers their influencers have and will deny an opportunity to work with them because of that. So, while I liked their product, I found myself NOT liking it for those reasons. I can’t support a company that finds humor in foolishness and cursing. I just can’t. It’s totally personal.

THANKFULLY, something better came along.

I’ve long been a fan of Tifosi Optics and their sporty glasses, but never took the plunge to actually purchase a pair. I tried on every style in my local Swim/Bike/Run store and the elite running store, but nothing really sold me. Until, they unveiled their latest model, the SWANK. Since I enjoyed the other competitor pair but was struggling to support them, I reached out to Tifosi to inquire – what makes these different and would I like them even more? One of the folks responded back and told me I’d hands-down be sold on this model, and I’d be impressed that the quality of these glasses was as great as their sport performance models. Shatterfproof polycarbonate lenses, the frames, cam lock hinges, and the rubber nosepads would set them apart from other brands.

After I ordered them and the shipment came, the unboxing of the glasses was rather exciting itself! Protective outer box, frames wrapped and the greatest and softest carrying sleeve for them. I was sold on the glasses before even seeing them because of the packaging details!

Their website describes the glasses like so:

“Swank is retro-value for modern times, carrying the freedom of youth into the excitement and unpredictability of tomorrow. Swank’s light frame is designed for a no-slip fit and is equipped with shatterproof, scratch-resistant lenses covering a spectrum of popular colors.”

With over 9 color styles AND the ability to create your own combination, options are certainly not an issue, especially if you like to coordinate them with your race-day attire. Of course, when I ordered, I went for the most fun pair and scored some ultra-violet purple shades (J also had to be like me and get a pair, but he opted for a more muted brown-fade).

They are also so stinkin’ light and guess what – they don’t move an inch when I squint my eyebrows. They don’t budge when I run for 15 miles or a sub6 pace. And they certainly don’t fog up in the elements. My switch over to the Tifosi swank glasses has been quite fabulous, and I love when I company supports its athletes and works hard to create a solid marketing environment.

What’s even more fabulous is that since many of the local small and large running stores already carry the many sport performance glasses that Tifosi has to offer, the SWANK glasses are starting to hit the shelves in store and for just $25 (the same price as that “other” pair), you’ve got a quality pair of sunglasses for the amateur or seasoned athlete, or the one that just wants to block the sun while being outside.

So go do yourself a favor, visit your local running/outdoor store, and grab a pair of SWANK glasses, and have a #bettr time in the sun with them. I’m sold on them and know you will be, too!