Road Bike Rider Reviews The New Tifosi Custom Portal

Road Bike Rider Reviews The New Tifosi Custom Portal

By Sheri Rosenbaum – Original Post

Back in November Tifosi Optics announced the launch of a new portal on the company’s website that enables buyers to customize the sunglasses they purchase from Tifosi. The company is known for offering quality sunglasses at an affordable price point (average of $70-$90). (I reviewed the Tifosi Talos with Light Night Fototec just over a year ago and rated them very highly.) Customizing their sunglasses to match your bike, helmet, kit or mood is easy and only costs about $10 more than a stock pair.

Currently, Tifosi offers three frame types, a few colors and lenses that can be combined into your custom specs. Jorge Verdin, director of marketing for Tifosi, said the company is gearing up to expand the program this summer to include more colors and possibly another frame style.

Dial in your Unique Flair

To access the site and start customizing your sunglasses, go to

You’ll be prompted to first pick your frame style. There are three to choose from, including:

Camrock – full-frame sunglasses, with two separate lenses

Synapse – half-frame (no frame on the bottom half of the lenses) sunglasses, with two separate lenses

Brixen – a shield style sunglass (single lens) with no frame


For my custom pair, I chose the Camrock style. Then the fun began. The default style is all-black, but you can select from a few colors for the face, arms, ear pads and even down to the type of lens.

The lenses are divided by standard and premium. There’s a $10-20 markup, depending on which premium lens you select. I selected the Light Night Fototec lenses, which auto-adjust to varying light conditions and are great for early morning or evening rides (the Fototec lenses was in the Tifosi model I reviewed a year ago, and I liked them so much I thought I’d get another pair).

The final summary screen offers the option to add additional lenses to your purchase before checking out.


The screen shot above (the price refects a standard lens choice) shows a combination similar to what I ended up with. However, my final cost (upgrading to premium lenses) was $79.90 – still less than half the price of many cycling-specific sunglasses.

The site was extremely easy to use, and it was fun to play with different styles, colors and lenses to really get a feel for the different possible combinations. By the time I was done I knew these were a unique set of shades no one else would have – at least no one in my riding circle.

Quick Delivery Even with Customization

I placed my order on a Thursday morning and received my custom sunglasses by the following Monday. It’s about the same amount of time as if I ordered a stock pair of Tifosi. As with all Tifosi sunglasses, they arrived with a hard shell zipper case (Tifosi Custom silkscreened across the top) and a cleaning cloth.

If you want to rock a pair of quality, yet very reasonably priced, cycling sunglasses that are as unique as you are, you should consider Tifosi’s new custom site.