Unveiling the Marathon Journey: A Q&A with Tifosi Ambassador, Carlee Daub

Unveiling the Marathon Journey: A Q&A with Tifosi Ambassador, Carlee Daub

Ever wondered what propels someone to dive into the challenging world of marathon running? We sat down with Carlee Daub, an avid runner and Tifosi Ambassador. Who found her stride in the marathon scene and has since conquered numerous races, shaving off over an hour from her marathon time. Let's delve into her inspiring journey and get a glimpse of the experiences, rituals, and best running gear and running sunglasses that have fueled her marathon adventures.

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Q: What inspired you to start running marathons, and how did you get into long-distance running?

After my college volleyball days, I sought a new challenge and competitive outlet. Moving to Eugene, Oregon, known as the running capital of the world, was a pivotal moment. I randomly signed up for the Eugene Marathon, thinking it couldn't be too hard. Little did I know, marathons are indeed tough. Struggling initially, I decided to figure out the sport. Fast forward, I've not only improved my marathon time significantly but lost count of how many marathons I've run.

Q: Share your most memorable marathon experience or race. What made it special or challenging?

My most memorable moment was running my fastest and smartest race at the Boston Marathon in 2023. Despite the challenging course and the marathon's prestige, I didn't let it deter me. My mantra is to "run as hard as you can on that DAY knowing the distance."

Q: Marathon training can be grueling. Describe your typical training routine, including mileage, cross-training, and recovery strategies.

Consistency is key, with a running history dating back to 2017, covering 1600-2000 miles annually. Recent additions include cycling and swimming to reduce impact. Emphasizing rest and recovery, I prioritize 8 hours of sleep, limit alcohol, lift weights thrice weekly, and maintain a healthy diet.

Q: Any pre-race rituals or superstitions you follow?

Before each race, I bedazzle my hair and put on face glitter. It's a reminder of the joy in marathoning, keeping me grounded and appreciating the blessing of a healthy body capable of running.

Q: Nutrition plays a crucial role in marathon running. What's your pre-race meal and fueling strategy during a marathon?

Pre-race, it's all about carbs – pizza, spaghetti, or bagels. During the race, I consume about 2000 calories, currently favoring Skarath Super High Carb drink mix & Maurten gels.

Q: Advice for someone considering running their first marathon.

Just do it! Prove to yourself that you can do hard things. A marathon is a great teacher, revealing unknown strengths. Expect the challenge but relish the reward!

Q: Any running gear or equipment you swear by?

On race day, my go-to includes Lululemon Fast and Free Reflective High-Rise shorts. The best womens running glasses Tifosi Vogel SL shades, and ADIZERO PRIME X 2 STRUNG RUNNING SHOES – a winning combination signaling business mode.

Q: Marathon running often involves support from a running community. Can you talk about your involvement with running clubs or groups and how they've impacted your journey?

Running and Team ULTRA are my communities, proving that running is more than an individual sport. Teammates provide accountability, cheers, and make race day more enjoyable. Running communities bring joy and make this sport truly special.

Q: How do you recover after completing a marathon, both physically and mentally?

Listening to my body guides my recovery. There's no magic number for days off; cross-training, including swimming and cycling, aids physical recovery. Mentally, I work on being present, celebrating achievements, and resisting the urge to immediately focus on the next race.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the marathon running community, and how can others get involved or find support within this community?

For me, it's about having a competitive outlet and a team after college sports. Running is an outlet, social hour, and exercise, boosting confidence to handle life's curveballs. Whether with WAHOO! RUNNING or another community, there's a perfect fit for everyone in the running community.