gaming accessories for ps5

Top 10 Gaming Accessories for Your New PS5

You’ve been waiting years for it and it’s officially happened. Sony has finally released its latest generation of the PlayStation: The PS5! And it does not disappoint…and when new consoles are released so are a load of fun accessories and gadgets to help you ‘level up’. That’s why Tifosi has done the research for you and put together a list of our favorite gaming accessories for the PS5. Plus, with the holidays just around the corner, you can count on these accessories to make great gifts as well!

1.) KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks for PS5 – $14.99

kontrolfreek ps5 accessory

Ever missed that perfect shot just because your thumb slipped off the controller’s joystick? Don’t be embarrassed, it’s probably happened. But it won’t anymore with KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks. These little grips are available for the new PlayStation 5 as well as PlayStation 4 and will help you make more precise in-game movements using ergonomic and advanced materials. Visit Amazon to check out these Galaxy Themed Thumbsticks in purple!

2.) Svago Gaming Glasses by Tifosi Gaming – $39.95

svago blue light blocking glasses

If you love gaming as much as we do, you know how strenuous and tiring it can be for your eyes after long hours of screen time. Tifosi Gaming/Screen glasses are perfect for preventing eye strain and headaches that are associated with harmful blue light. And unlike other gaming glasses brands, you can game in truer color and even create a custom look in Tifosi’s Custom Portal. Trust us, these glasses are a win-win for any screen user!

3.) PS5 Media Remote – starting at $49.99

ps5 media remote

Controllers are not always the most functional when it comes to exploring media on a console. But the latest PS5 Media Remote takes care of that and allows for you to quickly navigate with built-in media playback settings. It also works seamlessly with the PS5 console and has TV settings, such as, volume controls.

4.) PS5 DualSense Controller Charger – $36.99

ps5 controller charger

This DualSense Charging Station allows for you to charge two wireless controllers at the same time! It also helps you free up your USB ports on the PS5 and securely holds the controllers in one place. It’s a great option for those who need multiple controllers charged at once.

5.) PlayStation HD Camera – $56.99

ps5 hd camera

This HD camera is a must-have for those who plan to stream on Twitch or YouTube because it allows you to do so directly from your PS5. With a built-in stand that is the same monochromatic colors as your PS5, this camera will seamlessly become one of your favorite accessories.

6.) Stand with Cooling Fan for PS5 – $41.95

ps5 cooling stand

Keep your PS5 console and games organized while also cooling down your system with this vertical stand! The high efficiency and low noise design cooling system will help prevent overheating and improve the lifespan of your system too!

7.) 3 Pack PS5 DualSense Silicone Case Cover Skin – $19.99

silicone ps5 controller skin

The soft and smooth silicone material of these skins for your PS5 controller is comfortable and colorful! The precise cut-out design allows you to easily access all controls as well as the dock connector. Plus, the skin is perfect for daily use and preventing your controller from dust or scratches. And since it is a 3 pack, you can easily replace and reuse the skin!

8.) Game Storage Stand for PS5 – $29.99

storage stand for ps5

Save space and stay organized with a vertical game storage stand for your PlayStation games. It keeps everything neat and organized, especially for those who are in smaller spaces. Put it in your game room, near the TV, or anywhere close to your PlayStation for convenient access to your favorite video games. And for those of you who need still to save space for your PS4 games, it fits those as well!

9.) Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Gaming Headset for PlayStation 5 – $99.99

ps5 headset accessory

While this may be one of the more extravagant items on this list, the Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is definitely worth the price tag. Sony has revolutionized the gaming headset and finetuned it for PS5 consoles. The sleek design complements the PS5 console and can last for around 12 hours without the need to recharge. The Pulse 3D was designed for gamers and makes chatting with friends easy with its noise-canceling capabilities. Get it at Target to experience it yourself!

10.) PS5 Travel Backpack – $69.99

travel backpack for ps5

Are you a gamer on the go? Then a PS5 travel backpack is just what you need! Designed to fit the PS5 console, this backpack has adjustable shoulder straps and a convenient carrying handle as well. Use the backpack to prevent your new PS5 from scratches, grease, dirt, and other impacts.

If you’re a Sony PlayStation junkie the PS5 console has so much to offer! Use this list to find your new favorite accessory or a cool gift for the video game lover in your life. Either way, any of these items are sure to bring a smile to every gamer!