Readers vs. Prescription

Readers vs. Prescription

Stop the Squint

So you hit that age where your eyes are starting to rebel? You notice that you need more light to read and that you are squinting when working on small tasks. Well, you are not alone. As we age, the internal lenses of our eyes harden becoming less flexible. This condition is known as presbyopia. Presbyopia often begins in your 40’s and affects everyone at some point. Now the question becomes what to do about it? You know you need glasses but what kind, readers or prescription?

First and foremost, you should get an eye exam. Eye exams are recommended every one to two years. Seeing a professional is important for checking for underlying conditions, overall eye health, and for learning what strength prescription you need.

Readers for your peepers:

Readers can be a good option if you need the same strength lens for both eyes. They are less expensive than prescription. Because you don’t need an appointment to pick them up, they are a quicker more convenient option. Over-the-counter glasses come in a variety of styles and can be purchased online, in pharmacies, discount stores, and other retailers.

Prescription Information:

For the best quality, prescription is the winner. Prescription glasses can accommodate different corrections for each eye and can address astigmatisms. Different coatings, such as an anti-reflective coating, can also be added to the lenses. Another advantage to purchasing a prescribed pair, is having a professional help you get the correct frame fit. Prescription glasses are more expensive than readers, but you can use insurance to help offset this expense if you have coverage. Look for prescription glasses at your provider’s office or check out online prescription sites, such as SportRx.

Sunglass Solution:

Having clear vision outdoors is important too. Whether you are checking your fitbit on a jog or reading a book at the beach, you don’t want a fuzzy view. Sunglasses are available with magnification. These provide your eyes the help they need to see clearly and have the added bonus of protecting your eyes from damaging UV rays. Bifocal lenses can accommodate the need to see at a distance as well as close up. The magnification at the bottom of Tifosi Optic’s bifocal readers, allows you to see things up close. So grab a pair of reader sunnies and enjoy your favorite outdoor activity!

Here is a table to help break it down:

Readers: Prescription:
Inexpensive but not high quality Expensive but best quality
Can purchase quickly and easily Correct prescription for each eye
Good for those that want multiple pairs Specialists can help with the fit

If you choose over-the-counter readers, make sure that they match the prescription your eye doctor recommends. Having the correct lens, whether they are prescription glasses or readers, will provide your eyes relief from straining and squinting!