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Marathon Recovery Tips with Marathon Runner, Steph Pi

Imagine crossing the marathon finish line, your heart pounding with triumph and your muscles singing with the sweet ache of victory. Now, what's next? Recovery, of course! We caught up with marathon runner and Tifosi Optics ambassador, Steph Pi, to get the inside scoop on her top recovery tips. From fueling and hydration to rest and cross-training, Steph shares the secrets that help her bounce back stronger and faster after every race. Here's what she had to say!

1. Fueling: Post-Run and Post-Race

FUELING! post-run and post-race refueling is vital. Replenishing with high carb and protein and moderate healthy fats helps the body recover quicker after runs—a game changer to guarantee being ready for the next hard effort.

2. Hydration: Stay Hydrated, Especially in Warm Weather

Hydration, especially in warmer weather running, is also important. Water + electrolytes is ideal to replenish what was lost through sweat. Both the fuel and hydration practices will help decrease the risk of injury!

3. Sleep: Prioritize 7-9 Hours of Rest

Sleep: 7-9 hours of sleep has been shown in numerous studies to help the muscles, tendons, and ligaments recover after exercise. Too little sleep is linked to increased injury rate in athletes and poorer performance in sports.

4. Rest and Downtime: The Building Blocks of Strength

Rest and downtime (separate from sleep) is the time when our bodies build strength—the exercise tears down our muscle fibers and rest rebuilds these fibers to a stronger state. This is super important for marathon runners, because any loss of muscle strength leads to increased injury risk and slower paces.

5. Cross-Training: Active Recovery

Cross training: after hard runs and races, it’s more beneficial to perform another cross-training activity like cycling, walking, or swimming rather than sitting or lying down all day to help recover quicker—this keeps our circulation healthy!

By focusing on these key areas—fueling, hydration, sleep, rest, and cross-training—you can enhance your running performance, reduce injury risks, and ensure a healthier, more balanced approach to your training.


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