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15 Best Cycling Blogs to Follow in 2021

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Many people have found a new love during the pandemic, cycling. Because it is healthy, distanced, and outdoors, cycling took off when the pandemic hit. Some people were looking for a new hobby while others were brushing off the cobwebs of an old friend. In their cycling pursuits, they all discovered what dedicated cyclists already knew, that biking is fun! We pulled together some of the best cycling blogs out there that will enhance your knowledge and take you along for some wicked rides.

1) Femme Cyclists

Femme Cyclists: cause female cyclists rock (and roll)! Current, helpful, and inspiring, Femme Cyclists covers the gamut. This blog has all things gear and includes articles that delve into finding the right fit on a woman’s bike, to gaining confidence on a mountain bike. They even have a podcast!

2) Bike Rumor

Have a look at the world’s largest cycling tech blog, where they cover everything that is “cool and new.” Aside from gear, you can also find a section titled, “Ask a Stupid Question,” where no biking question is off-limits. Bike Rumor’s, Tyler Benedict, hosts a podcast that features the people behind the bike. We heart podcast #026.

3) Bike Snob NYC

Urban cyclist, Eben Weiss, will take you along for his rides around New York City. His wit and clever observations will bring a smile to your face. He updates his blog every few days, so follow along!

4) Black Girls Do Bike

“It’s like a pep rally for black girls on bikes!” This blog is intended to be a comfortable place for women, especially black women, who are interested in biking. Here you will find support and information such as their Biking 101 video. If interested in finding a local chapter or starting one, then look here.

5) Carlton Marshall II

If you prefer watching videos to reading about biking, then this is a stop you should make. There you can go along on some of Carlton’s rides or view some of his detailed gear reviews.

6) Velo News

Velo News is the #1 source for bike racing news. You can also find the latest gear reviews and events there.


All things fat bike can be found here. You can learn where the races are, enter contests, and read their gear reviews!

8) The Geeky Cyclist

Whether you are looking for the best road bike under $1000 or the best water bottle holder, Geeky Cyclist is the blog to read. Reviewing gear in all price ranges is their expertise and they will guide you through it.

9) Adelaide Perr

Adelaide Perr has experienced her share of physical and mental suffering. She takes you on her journey through her personal pain to her triumphs. “Cycling was a way for me to stay healthy, build community, and give back to others.” Follow her growth through her inspiring and honest posts.

10) The Average Watts Podcast

Okay, so not exactly a blog, but it is an awesome podcast on biking. Podcasts are the perfect way for busy people to get information. Heck, you can even listen while riding! Rob Griffin talks with cycling pros and industry professionals about their experiences and knowledge.

11) Road Bike Review

Road Bike Review is a cycling forum for conversations about anything to do with road bikes. This is the place to ask your questions or share your road biking wisdom.

12) Bicycle Stories

On this blog, journalist and cycling advocate, Alan Snel, takes you on his rides around Las Vegas and beyond. He has also written two books, the latest is “Bicycle Man: Life of Journeys.”

13) Average Joe Cyclist

Husband and wife team, Joe Goodwill and Maggie Neilson, write for the average cyclist who loves to ride. Their blog includes cycling training plans, tips, and even a section devoted to cycling with dogs!


Ever dream of cycling in Europe? Then this is the blog for you! From sharing routes you should explore, to how to take your bike on a ferry, Cycling Europe has you covered.

15) Crank Joy

Crank Joy is written for those that love a mountainside adventure. Tricia and Chad Davis are passionate about their mountain bike lifestyle and want to share that passion with you!

Quench your thirst for cycling know-how, news, and glimpses of some beautiful rides by following a blog today. Enjoy the read and the ride!