10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Sport and Outdoor Enthusiasts

10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Sport and Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Stumped on what stocking stuffers to get the sport and outdoor enthusiast in your life?

Do not worry! We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite running, cycling, and outdoor accessories that are perfect for stocking stuffers. These ideas are great for those on a budget and are sure to be loved!

1) Camelbak Chute Mag 20 OZ Bottle – $13.00

Camelbak’s BPA Free Plastic water bottle is perfect for the runner or cyclist in your life and comes in a variety of colors. It’s lightweight, durable, and dishwasher safe! Get yours here.

2) Tifosi Slice – $79.95

Whether you run or ride, the fact is, you can never have too many shades to guard you from harmful UV rays. The frameless shield design of Slice provides unrestricted views and comes with interchangeable lenses that protect from any type of outdoor environment. Check out the popular Crystal Smoke Slice here.

3) Pactimo Alpine Sock – $13.50

A wool-blended sock that is strategically “beefed-up” with more padding and warmth. The Alpine sock adds comfort and increases warmth and is available in bright colors that pop for visibility in cold weather and low light conditions, without being too flashy. Purchase here.

4) Vya Switch by Light & Motion – $39.99

Cyclists must consider visibility and safety while on the road; this is where Vya Switch comes in. This revolutionary bike taillight is designed with a longer runtime and features an on/off button. Check it out here.

5) CoolNet UV+ Multifunctional Headband by Buff – $15.00

Keep your hair out of your eyes with a headband that offers style and sun protection without weighing you down. The CoolNet Multifunctional Headband is 95% recycled material and can be worn 8 + ways! Buy yours here.

6) Tough Outfitters’ Cooling Towel – $10.95

A cooling towel is a perfect companion for any sports or outdoor adventure. It’s made from absorbent and hyper-evaporative material that will last for hours. Just run it under water for one minute, wring the excess, and you’re all set! You can buy your own Cooling Towel here.

7) Single Bike Wall Mount by Delta – $12.99

Need a way to store your bike that keeps it out of the way without a complicated set up? This wall mount by Delta is great because you can hang your bike in minutes and the protective tire tray will save your walls from tire marks! Get yours here.

8) Tifosi Swank SL – $25.00

Rated as “the best sub $50 sunglasses” by Bicycling.com. Swank SL is a lightweight sunglass that can be worn whether you’re a cyclist, runner, or golfer. It’s equipped with a shatterproof, scratch-resistant lens and is offered in a variety of popular colors! Pick yours up here.

9) Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount – $14.98

A bike phone mount is a must-have accessory for the cyclist in your life. And this one by Vibrelli is great because it can be used with most any smart phone and comes with a clip on and off design. The strong adjustable clamps will keep the phone secure as well. Purchase here.

10) Crankbrothers Multitool – $11.73

Stay in motion at all times on your bike with a multitool that is small enough to keep in your saddlebag. This multitool by Crankbrothers contains super handy tools that you use on a regular basis and is made with plated steel, meaning it’s durable but still lightweight. You can buy your own here.

Need even more ideas? Check out How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses for the Athlete in Your Life and our Gift Guide to help steer you in the right direction!